Saturday, October 25, 2008

Using Schematics to Teach

The Flower Design
I've used this lesson in middle school and high school to help students learn how to manipulate the compass tool.

At home, start as early as third grade. Precocious kids might be able to do this in kindergarten or first grade.

Knowing how to read is not required.

The flower design is a great exercise for developing spacial sense, mastering the compass tool, and practicing precision.

The use of schematics for directions appeals to children.
Use schematics to teach small children how to draw five-pointed
stars, six-pointed stars, octagons, etc.

A five-year-old, inspired by the idea of schematic directions for five-pointed stars, made a colored schematic for drawing a picture of Pikachu. Then she followed her own schematics to create the Pikachu out of colored Play-Doh.

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