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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Key Curriculum Press sold to McGraw Hill

It was with sadness that I discovered, this weekend, that Key Curriculum Press had been sold to McGraw Hill.

I hadn't read about the sale. I discovered it when I needed to inquire about my copy of Geometer's Sketchpad. I have (had) version 5 on a laptop when a small relative, who shall remain unnamed, spilled a glass of water on it in the middle of the night when she was sleeping. The laptop fried. 

I waited a few months and bought a new laptop. I needed to install  Sketchpad, a product that I own, on my new device. And that is how I discovered that Key Curriculum Press, a company that I loved, sadly, had been sold.

I called MrGraw Hill. I couldn't find the purchasing email but I did have my name and receipt number. The person did say that she found my information, verifying that I had purchased the product, but said that if it had been over a year since I purchased the product, she wouldn't be able to help me. I challenged her on this. In my world, especially since they are still selling version 5, I own the product and should still be able to use it. Even Apple understands this! She said she would research it when if I could find my receipt email.

Even if I purchased a new copy, downloading the product seems to be awkward for the big publishing company. Usually, if I purchase a software online, it is downloaded within an hour or so. Apparently McGraw Hill takes several DAYS to process an order. And, there is no mention, on their site, that the product key will be sent to the customer... In fact, they ask for the mailing address of the customer, indicating that the product will be mailed. Yikes! Since my new laptop does not have a disc drive, that would present another problem. Phew! After speaking with the customer service rep, I discovered that this was just a problem with the website and not the actual way that the product would be delivered (I don't understand how a little publishing company knows this but one of the big boys seems to have 'issues').

There is a happy ending to this story. I found the product key and was able to activate my software without the 'help' of the company. The moral of the story... The small publishing company that was Key Curriculum Press had much better customer service. I will miss you Key Curriculum. 

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