Thursday, August 21, 2008

Reality TV Goes to the Principal's Office

I don't watch television. Who has the time? I know... some of my relatives have already told me that makes me a freak*. So I love gathering evidence for my side of the argument. One such bit of evidence is Reality T.V. As a genre, I don't get Reality T.V. My position? Go out and live your life instead of spending time watching others live theirs.

I was a little dumbfounded (and I shouldn't have been) when I saw a little article in the Times,
The Cops Who Keep Fifth-Period Math Safe and Sound. Apparently, reality t.v. goes into the principal's office and records the disciplining of students. There is even one such instance, at Booneville High School in Arkansas, where a student receives 3 whacks (although the actual whacking is not shown on t.v.).

It gives No Child's Left Behind new meaning. In California, the principal would be arrested and stripped of his/her credentials for such action.

*In my defense: I do rent films, peruse newspapers, read articles on the internet, and listen to the radio.

P.S. I had a poll on the side: Corporal Punishment in School: OK, or not OK.
Google deleted it... very interesting.

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