Sunday, June 8, 2008

Three Column Minima

Do you like the Three Column Minima Design? I had to search high and low to find one that really worked well.

This is a Great Blog Site: Tips for New Bloggers. Check it out.


REIT Wrecks said...

This is a great looking Minima layout. I also just updated to three column minima after a long search for clear instructions. I thought the instructions here were very good:

I'm glad I found them, because with this NoCal weather, I'd rather be mountain biking up on Pine Mountain rather than catching a migraine in front of my monitor! Congrats on your new layout.

MathChique said...

Pine Mountain was nice today, except for the park closures due to the fire danger. I was riding on Eldridge in the morning, and hiking on Dear Park Fire Road in the afternoon... beautiful day.
Thanks for the nod on the 3-column minima. Note that the 3-column blog directions that you referred to are for a static blog design and my blog is a fluid blog design.

Ms. Wagner said...

Yes, I love it! I'm trying to figure out how to do it on mine!

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